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5 Star Meeting Agenda

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    How many times have you been a part of a meeting that the only thing engaged in the room was the clock?

    Are meetings definitely a waste of time? Or are they the linchpin to success?

    And… if they are the linchpin to success, how can we stop having awful meetings? Well… we have some ideas and a killer template that will rock your meeting world.

    Watch as we share our thoughts on meetings and our 5 Star Meeting Agenda.

    5 Star Meeting Agenda 3

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    We also have a blog post that discusses the 5 Star Meeting Agenda, that we highly recommend if this topic resonates with you.

    Watch these videos to learn why meetings tend to feel more like time-wasters than necessary get-togethers, how to have effective meetings, how to use our 5 Star Meeting Agenda, and the types of meetings you should be having within your organization

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