What to Look for in a CRM

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    You have to follow up with people at least 5 times before they will remember your name.

    Before they buy something?

    Here is the thing: 1-3% of people you meet want to buy now. Another 10-15% will buy soon and 20% or so will buy someday.

    So if you only ask once or twice and you don’t build the relationship you are missing out on 30 to 35 sales for each contact you make.

    But do you have the time to reach out to everyone individually and have an in-depth conversation about them their parents, what they had for breakfast and what their hidden needs maybe?

    No, of course not. That is why you need automation and a CRM that supports that automation.

    But you also don’t have to spend 100’s of dollars a month. We will talk about how we solve the problem, introduce you to our tools and help you follow up better.

    So that you can make more sales.

    Watch these videos to learn what you should look for in a CRM, why having a Customer Relationship Manager is even necessary for business, and most importantly… Why Microsoft Outlook is not a CRM

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