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5 Simple MSP Marketing Ideas to Implement Now

MSP marketing depends on creating a trusting relationship with your prospects. Your marketing should focus on building trust, revenue, or value. Most MSPs want to launch a few ads and call that marketing, but these 5 MSP marketing ideas focus on enhancing value instead—a strategy that will pay off faster, cheaper, and more reliably than random ads.

Content Marketing with a Focus on Education:

Establish your MSP as a thought leader in the technical side of your prospect’s industry by creating informative content.

Topics can range from how to use software to cyber security to how to plug in a computer. Remember that your prospect knows nothing about technology; what they know is their business and their industry. When you show them how to use technology to make their business better/easier, they will value that.

The content can include blogs, whitepapers, webinars, and tutorial videos that address common IT challenges, cybersecurity trends, and the benefits of managed services. Offering value through education can help build trust and position your MSP as an expert.

Leverage Customer Testimonials and Case Studies for social proof.

Showcase your successes through detailed case studies and customer testimonials. Social proof is key to establishing your credibility in prescriptive selling and an essential part of MSP marketing. Show your ability ability to deliver results and solve real-world problems for businesses.

Share these stories on your website, marketing materials, and social media platforms.

When you are gathering testimonials and case studies, think about showing that:

You’ve solved the problem for people like your avatar. The more your avatar can see themselves in your testimonials the better.
You’ve solved the problem generally – the problem matters.
You have a high volume of testimonials – sheer volume sells.

Host Educational Events and Workshops:

Organize events (either virtual or in-person) focused on educating potential and existing clients on technical trends in their industry, security threats, and how to get the most out of managed services. These events can be an excellent opportunity for networking, establishing authority, and directly engaging with your audience. Inviting prospects to an event is a great way to stay in touch.

Referral Programs and Partnerships:

Develop a referral program that incentivizes current clients to recommend your services. This is the idea behind the 250×250 strategy. Referrals are great, and you want to keep nurturing those who refer you.

Building partnerships with other businesses that serve your target market but don’t offer competing services can be very helpful. This can be technological, as in collaborating with software vendors or hardware suppliers, or tangential to your business: maybe moving companies are your best source of new customers.

Targeted Outreach:

Rather than the typical spray-and-pray cold email technique (AKA spam), find attractive prospects and spend your time and money getting to know them. Use social media, email, and even snail mail to connect. Prospects need 6-8 touchpoints before they’ll start to recognize you. Utilize email marketing to nurture leads and keep your MSP top-of-mind.

The Dream-100 is the best way to get started.

Remember, the key to successful marketing for MSPs lies in demonstrating expertise, building trust, and maintaining strong relationships with your clients and prospects. Remember you should not be marketing at all until you have your sales process well-defined, be sure to check out our Guide to MSP Marketing.

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