Grow your MSP with the best helpdesk

technicians ready to deliver results

from day one

TIs integrate into your organization's technical team

Why a technical implementor from SGM?

Finding the right person, with the right set of skills for your company is hard but it doesn't have to be complicated for you. Our team works from the start to find the right candidates for you based on your business needs and job description.

We can even help you to design the job description for the position you are looking for. Expand your team, maximize performance and improve your results by adding a valuable member to your company.

You don't need yet another untrained person taking a paycheck while you figure out how to keep them busy.

TIs are well-trained technicians who know how to help you work smarter.

What if your TI, besides all the necessary technical knowledge required for their role, came with access to a library of tools, templates, and information so that when you hit a wall, they can find the solution for you?  

So What Exactly Do I Get?

Our TIs are ridiculously capable, well-trained talent that you hire with no HR headaches whatsoever.

More specifically, you get:

  • Technical Implementers are full time dedicated engineers that will help you grow your MSP
  • Good team members are hard to find, we help you identify and train your team
  • We interview TIs to find a good fit. We weed through the masses to find candidates that fit your needs.
  • You interview the TIs we've found until you find your perfect fit.
  • We train your new TI to help you. We provide ongoing training on phone etiquette, troubleshooting using the OSI model, how to document, how to write SOPs and much more
  • They step in and help you from day one.¬†Over time they learn more and more from us and you enabling you to do more, more efficiently.
  • Our premium talent is from central and south America and works in your time zone
  • Our team will work whatever 8×5 schedule you need
  • You can scale quickly as demand spikes

Even more: when you hire a Technical Implementor, you and they get access to our whole suite of business tools that cover every element of our business machine process.

What does a TI cost?

What would you pay for a well-trained engineer who multiplies your effectiveness? The salary in the US starts at $7,000 for this caliber of work. Our English-speaking, highly-trained Technical Implementors starts at just $2,600 a month with none of the HR nonsense that you normally have to deal with and support that, up until now, you've only dared to imagine. (Pricing is based on experience and type of engineer)
And the first step is completely free.
Invest half an hour, and we'll tell you if we can help you.
It couldn't be easier.