Issue #28 Why Pickles Matter

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    Correction: Why Pickles Matter
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    Getting this right is key
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    How to start, grow and manage a business that lets you break free from the grind.  

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    Issue #28 Why Pickles Matter
    September 21, 2021

    Correction: Yes, it is Ray Kroc, not Roy Krock.  Sigh.  

    On to the story:

    Things were not going great for Ray Kroc.

    He traveled the country peddling the next new thing, like today’s affiliate marketer or entrepreneurial grinder. He had stuff to sell, and worked to sell it.

    It was a lot of work. And it wasn’t enriching.  

    And then he saw the light, the golden, double-arched, light of entrepreneurial opportunity that transformed his life and, in many ways, business itself.

    (I really wish I could add in a chorus of angels here… imagine it for me, okay?)

    Ostensibly he discovered a hamburger restaurant in San Bernardino, California. But it wasn’t the hamburgers that mattered.

    It was the machine.

    It was the process at McDonald’s that blew him away. Every movement was scripted, the process was laid out perfectly, the menu was trim and easy, and the whole business worked together.

    Like a machine.

    The process even defined the shape of the pickles on the patty, positioned in just the right way so that they wouldn’t slip out.

    And once he got it, he stopped grinding and started building the McDonald’s franchise.

    Without the machine, you are just doing work; with the machine, you end up with 40,000 locations spread out around the globe.

    See? It works.

    Here is how to get started:

    • Create your signature program.  Define the problem you solve, and cut out the stuff that doesn’t matter. If you go to McDonald’s and ask for a filet mignon with peppercorn sauce, they will look you funny. Do what you are good at, not what everybody wants.

    • Refine your process so that it is repeatable. Get good at doing the same thing repeatedly. The people producing burgers at McDonald’s were high-school kids, not trained chefs, because the process was defined and repeatable.

    The McDonald’s machine broke Ray Kroc out of his grind and, made his work much more, shall we say, enriching.  

    It will do the same for you.

    You’ve got this.  

    Talk Soon,

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