Why a service is actually a product (or at least why it should be)

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    The core of building a business machine is doing the same thing repeatedly. You are a person, you get good at solving a problem for a person, and you solve that problem over and over again. It is possible to reinvent yourself each time you solve a problem, but that takes an excruciating effort.

    There is a better way: once you have defined a service, solved a problem, do it again.

    Sell the same service to the same type of customer again. Then do it a third time and a fourth. Sell it 100,000 times. The more you do it, the better you will get at it. Getting better at what you do means that your costs will come down. It also means that you can raise your prices because your experience makes you more exclusive.

    And in that way, your service becomes a product.

    It may not be shrink-wrapped in a store, but a product is nothing more than a solution reduced to practice. Someone struggled mightily to get corks out of bottles of wine until they came up with a corkscrew. Once they figured it out, they mass-produced it, and now they are $3.99 at Target.

    Your service, whatever you do, is the same thing. Work on it until it is repeatable until each puzzle piece is defined, refined, and fits snuggly. Only then can you build a business machine that allows you to achieve your wealth, freedom, and impact goals.

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