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Stop wasting your Time with Virtual Assistants

Business Implementers are way better. Ridiculously valuable assistants who unlock your leadership potential

Delegate tasks and decisions

"I have the confidence to not only delegate tasks, but trust in the decision-making abilities of our BI, knowing that they execute everything with the utmost care and company values in mind."
William Kohl
BIs are Like VAs but so much better

Why virtual assistants don't work out:

Most Virtual Assistants mean well, but the work required from you to manage them is overwhelming. You might as well do it yourself. VA firms make an introduction and then leave you to figure it out.

You end up with a mess: your VA wants to do work, you want them to work but don’t know what to give when and the whole thing soaks up time and makes your life harder, not easier. 

Business Implementer, virtual assistant

How Valuable Would a BI Be?

BI Quiz

Welcome to our nifty calculator! We'll ask 8 questions about how much time you spend on various activities every week. A BI won't save 100% of this time, but it can help you save a significant amount. We'll give you that estimate at the end.

On the following pages, I'm going to ask 8 questions about the time you spend on some of the easiest to outsource activities. A BI won't save you 100% of this time, but on average between 75% and 90% and this is a great place to start.
consider how much you would charge someone for an hour of your time, but know that your time is worth more... think about the value of the work you could do if you could outsource some of the previous activities?

You don't need yet another untrained person taking a paycheck while you figure out how to keep them busy.

Incredible progress and bottom-line impact

"As a small business owner who wears many hats, I was afraid that our investment to hire someone new would fall short given my limited bandwidth. They were my partner from start to finish, and 3 months later, I can see the incredible progress and how this will impact our bottom line! I will be using them for all my future hiring needs. 
Melissa Aguilera- Rober
COO Maxco

BIs are well-trained assistants who know how to help you work smarter.

Imagine a VA who shows you how to tame your email, conquer your calendar, and create time in your day for you.

What if your VA came with access to a library of tools, templates, and information so that when you hit a wall, they can find the solution for you?  

So What Exactly Do I Get?

Our BIs are ridiculously capable, well-trained assistants that you hire with no HR headaches whatsoever.

More specifically, you get:

  • Our dedicated support starts by interviewing you to understand your needs and work style.
  • We create a job description for you - that you approve before we move forward. Do you need help with email or WordPress? We figure that out.
  • We interview BIs to find a good fit. We weed through the masses to find candidates that fit your needs.
  • You interview the BIs we've found until you find your perfect fit.
  • We train your new BI to help you. Often this means email and Calendar management; maybe it means supporting your marketing, or maybe it is something else. We take care of getting them started.
  • They step in and help you from day one. Over time they learn more and more from us and you enabling you to do more, more efficiently.

Even more: when you hire a Business Implementer, you and they get access to our whole suite of business tools that cover every element of our business machine process.

You’ll learn how to define your business, hire a team, overcome mindset challenges, and more. Need an NDA? Your BI can grab a legally reviewed NDA and send it out with your name and logo on it in 5 minutes. 

And we are always listening… so when you need something new, we are there, developing, creating, and sharing.

With a BI from Start Grow Manage, you take that next crucial step in your entrepreneurial evolution. You get the support you need to break free of busy work and become an in-control CEO instead. 

Get help today, an indispensable team member tomorrow, and focus on being the CEO of your business, not the assistant.

What does a BI cost?

What would you pay for a well-trained assistant who multiplies your effectiveness? The salary in the US starts at $6,000 per month for this caliber of work. Our English-speaking, highly-trained Business Implementers cost just $2,400 a month with none of the HR nonsense that you normally have to deal with and support that, up until now, you've only dared to imagine.

And the first step is completely free.
Invest half an hour, and we'll tell you if we can help you.
It couldn't be easier.