Hi, {{first_name}}, I thought you might like to learn more about what we are up to. It’s pretty simple, we’re writing a paper, but we don’t know each other, so… let me explain:

First, we are committed to helping MSPs build better businesses, and part of that mission includes understanding the market. Your business is a part of the market, so we’d love to help you understand how everybody else feels, what the trends are, and where future opportunities lie. 

We plan to update this annually and establish some longer-term trends. But this is our first time doing this, so we’ll have to see how it goes. 

We’d like to make this useful to you, so we will share the document and any insights we have. 

And we figure we’d invite you to coffee if we were in person, so why not virtually? So…

Claim your card (and have an enthralling conversation)!

What kind of questions will we ask? 

We’d like to develop for you some insights into the market and how it is evolving. The actual questions will change a bit as we talk to people and we learn more, but this is what we are thinking: 

We’ll ask some market questions like: 

-How has the demand for MSP services changed in the last few years

-What are the biggest challenges facing MSPs today?

-How are MSPs adapting to new technologies and innovations in the industry?

-Are there any new or emerging trends in the MSP industry impacting business (positively or negatively)?

How do you feel about the future: (Worried | Meh | Super confident) and why. 

Then we’ll ask questions about you and your business

You can feel free not to answer these, but we think it is interesting to know how others are doing. These questions will be things like: 

What keeps you up at night? 
(one of our favorites!)

Do you offer fixed-priced products? 
(because some people wrestle with this idea). 

Do you have a specific and well-defined target market? 
(because, again, this topic comes up a lot, and we are pretty adamant that MSPs have a niche, but would like to know what you think.) 

This shouldn’t take long.

The interview will probably be 15-20 minutes, sometimes, we start exchanging war stories, and the time goes on a bit, but we will respect your time. 

We plan to have the report done and back to you by the end of June. 

Sound okay?

If so, you can respond to the message one of us sent to you or fill in this form here, and we will reach out to you.

(This will not subscribe you to anything).