Technical Implementor

$3,500.00 / month



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Why virtual assistants don’t work out:

Most Virtual Assistants mean well, but the work required from you to manage them is overwhelming. You might as well do it yourself. VA firms make an introduction and then leave you to figure it out.

You end up with a mess: your VA wants to do work, you want them to work but don’t know what to give when and the whole thing soaks up time and makes your life harder, not easier.

BIs are well-trained assistants who know how to help you work smarter.


So What Exactly Do I Get?

Our BIs are ridiculously capable, well-trained assistants that you hire with no HR headaches whatsoever.

More specifically, you get:

  • Our dedicated support starts by interviewing you to understand your needs and work style.
  • We create a job description for you – that you approve before we move forward. Do you need help with email or WordPress? We figure that out.
  • We interview BIs to find a good fit. We weed through the masses to find candidates that fit your needs.
  • You interview the BIs we’ve found until you find your perfect fit.
  • We train your new BI to help you. Often this means email and Calendar management; maybe it means supporting your marketing, or maybe it is something else. We take care of getting them started.
  • They step in and help you from day one. Over time they learn more and more from us and you enabling you to do more, more efficiently.

Even more: when you hire a Business Implementor, you and they get access to our whole suite of business tools that cover every element of our business machine process.