SGM Summit


MSP Planning Summit is a two-day in-person Summit




Table of Contents


    (The agenda is a draft; it will change (for the better…))

    Wednesday 9 AM -5 PM

    9 AM to Noon
    For first-time participants or those who want to discuss their Gameplan and Big 3 with a group. We will cover the following:

        • The Game Plan
        • Introduction to the machine
        • The Operations Maturity Assessment
        • Our Planning Structure (how and why we do it that way).

    1 PM to 4 PM
    Unbelievably impactful discussions and presentations.

    5:00 Dinner
    Networking, food, and drinks this is the best part, don’t miss it. This is not the place to skimp. We’ll squeeze as much as possible from everybody’s $50.

    Thursday 9 AM-5 PM – Planning

    This is a day of planning. We will cover the following:

        • Hurdle processing and the opportunity lever canvas.
        • SWOT analysis
        • Opportunity identification and prioritization.
        • Define OKRs
        • Create your plan.
        • Budgeting.

    You will leave with a high-level 365-day plan and a detailed action plan for the next two horizons.