Irresistible Value Statement Course




Table of Contents

    Get the clarity and confidence to turn your hobby into a business.

    Step 1: Define Your Perfect Client

    Step 2: What is Missing In Their Life, What is Their “Before State”

    Step 3: How Does This Make Them Feel?

    Step 4: What Is the Problem You Solve and For Whom?

    Step 5: Bring in Empathy

    Step 6: Define Your Solution

    Step 5: Identify the Transformation, the “After State”

    each Step will include:

    • Video content.
    • Probably more that we haven’t thought of yet.

    You will come out of this course having learned:

    • How to identify, describe, and speak to your ideal customer in their language, from their perspective.
    • The process you should use to turn strangers into customer and customers into raving fans.
    • A unique sales proposition.
    • An Irresistible Statement of Value
    • A networking introduction that will make you memorable and deliver results.