Prescriptive Sales

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Table of Contents

      Here’s what you get:  Module 1: The Prescriptive Sales Script

      • Learn the script and define the crucial 17 variables that you can plug into every sales conversation.
      • Identify your ideal customer and magnetically describe what’s missing for them.
      • Discover the power of transformation and how to use it.
      • Craft an offer they can’t refuse.

      Module 2: The Sales and Marketing Process

      • How sales and marketing relate and why marketing is so often a waste of money.
      • Get the tried-and-true sales and marketing process used by the most successful companies – and apply it to your business.
      • Create engaging content your prospects want.
      • Implement repeatable structures that allow you to follow up easily.

      Module 3: Situations and Strategies 

      • Step-by-step outreach campaigns laid out for you with copy-and-paste content.
      • Sales scripts to practice with to build your confidence.
      • The LinkedIn Outreach strategy.
      • Tap into the 62,500 connections you have but don’t know you have.
      • Tackle your dream 100 for quick results.

      Module 4: When You’re Ready for Marketing

      • The do-you-really-need-to-market-anyway checklist for MSPs.
      • The MSP marketing blueprint, with fill-in-the-blank templates and copy-and-paste content.
      • The high-converting homepage template.