Irresistible Sales and Marketing




Our Next Cohort Launches In October


Five modules that we will deliver over eight weeks. Implement everything in these modules and we guarantee you will get results.

Module 1: Define your enduring ID

• Your ideal client.
• What they need.
• Why you can deliver.

Module 2: Build an irresistible product and offer.

• The problem you solve.
• Turn it into a program.
• Define an offer they can’t refuse.

Module 3: Script the ideal sales conversation

• What the ideal sales conversation sounds like.
• The exact script we use to close sales.
• How to be confident in your delivery.

Module 4: Craft the journey.

• How they go from unaware to raving fan

Module 5: Bring the entire process together.

• What you need to bring this together.

Don’t worry we won’t throw theory at you and run away, each module will include:

• Templates.
• Video content.
• An hour-long lecture.
• Probably more that we haven’t thought of yet.

You will come out of this course having learned:

• How to identify, describe, and speak to your ideal customer in their language, from their perspective.
• The process you should use to turn strangers into customers and customers into raving fans.
• How to speed up the sales cycle.
• How to create an irresistible offer that leaves people begging for more.
• How to put yourself out there so that prospects want to buy from you.
• What systems you must have, and which you can get rid of.
• The marketing and sales process that delivers prospects to you, repeatedly, predictably, and profitably.

You get:

    • You and (optionally) an additional member of your team will have access to the course and modules.
    • Unlimited access to the modules forever.
    • Videos, templates, tools, and instruction.
    • Weekly coaching sessions.
    • Check-ins and homework reviews

And if you sign up for this we will include these bonuses:

    • Bonus 1: How to write advertisements that grab readers by the eyeballs and force them to read.
    • Bonus 2: E-mail templates and instructions for the email follow-up.
    • Bonus 3: Our high converting painless homepage, landing page, and about page templates

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