Irresistible Sales and Marketing Manual




Table of Contents

    The world’s best sales and marketing manual full of:

    • Insights.
    • Advice.
    • Models.
    • Tools.
    • Templates
    • Observations.

    And other cool stuff that will transform your sales and marketing.

    Most importantly:

    It is an unfinished draft with typos, run on sentences and *gasp* at least one fragment.  So why buy an incomplete manual?


    • you get it now and start improving your sales and marketing today rather than wait – and you will get every update. This is not a one and done thing, it is a subscription to an ever growing body of marketing knowledge flowing into your inbox on a regular basis.
    • you get access to our group where you can ask questions – we want your questions so that we can make this the most powerful tool an MSP owner can buy, you want to ask questions because, well, you get your questions answered.
    • we will almost certainly put the price up.

    So to sum up:

    • Website isn’t done.
    • Book isn’t done.
    • Sales pitch is weak,

    So buy now and stop messing around with lousy marketing.