Do it Together – 90 Day Growth Accelerator




Table of Contents

    This three-month program is an extension of the 90-day growth accelerator.

    We go through the same program, but in this case, we take on more of the building, including:

    • Setting up the SGM Engagement Engine.
    • Writing emails.
    • Writing copy for pages.
    • Redesigning website pages.
    • Getting started with ads.

    The detailed description of what we do depends on your need, so we will discuss this and nail down the scope.

    The idea is that you need more hands and legs to get the work done, you want our skilled people, and we can provide them. We will ensure your journey gets built and do everything we can to ensure you end up with predictable sales.

    Additional fees you will incur:

    • Ads: paying for ads is separate; we will get you started with ads management, but at some point, this becomes a big job, and we will have to transition out. You will either take this over or hire someone to do this.
    • Design: We are not great designers. We try, and our design work is okay, but if you want high-end design services, we’ll have to get help.
    • Highly specialized writing: some topics require expertise. Health topics, for example, require a doctor. You may have to pay extra for that.
    • Software licensing fee for the SGM Engagement Engine: we have a customized version of Active Campaign; the licensing costs are here. We need the Plus version; in most cases, it is $50 to $100 a month.