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Incredible progress and bottom-line impact

“As a small business owner who wears many hats, I was afraid that our investment to hire someone new would fall short given my limited bandwidth. They were my partner from start to finish, and 3 months later, I can see the incredible progress and how this will impact our bottom line! I will be using them for all my future hiring needs. 
Melissa Aguilera- Rober
COO Maxco

How the program works

Our simple three-step process guarantees the right fit… or you pay nothing.

Step 1: Create a job description

The next step for you is to get a free job description from us. We interview you to understand your needs and create a job description tailored to your needs.

Step 2: Identify candidates

We come up with a list of potential candidates, including resumes, a speaking test, personal histories, and all the information you need to decide whom you want to interview.

Step 3: Interviewing and hiring

You interview the candidates you are most interested in hiring, and if you find a perfect fit, you can hire them; if not, we find more. You, then, pay us monthly we handle all the paperwork and legal issues.

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