Issue #69 Oh, that’s why it matters

Last week I mentioned the Hats Chart and the revelation we had that was so important.  

We’ve known for a long time that identifying all the “hats” or roles in your business was important, but our implementation of the Hats Chart itself was flawed.

We were working through the chart with a leadership team when one of them said, “oh, now I know what I need to do.”

And that is the point.

By mapping out all the roles of the business, you identify everything that you have to do, irrespective of who’s doing it.

For example, a burger restaurant must have someone grilling the burgers. Without that, you deliver raw beef on a bun, which is not ideal.

Even if only one person runs the entire joint, they still have to cook the burgers. 

It’s the same thing for your business: you’ve got to identify everything that must happen to meet your customers’ expectations, or you will end up delivering the equivalent of a raw burger.

We’ve come up with an ideal MSP hats chart, which you can find here. (Insiders can get the customizable Mindomo template here.)

Now, once you have the hats defined and you know everything your business must do, you can start assigning those hats to people. 

Your organization chart will show the reporting relationships, but your hats chart shows what people do in the business.  

And one crucial leadership role is to hire people and delegate hats.

So start by identifying the hats. Use our template and hat descriptions as a starting point, and be sure you’ve mapped out everything that your business needs to impress your customers.

Post any questions in the discussion forum.  

🖇️ What we are working on

Next week we’ll discuss what to do if you hire the wrong person.

Building a team is tough, and invariably you’ll hire some people who doesn’t fit. But the most important lesson we’ve learned might surprise you.

More on that next week.

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