Issue 68 Yay Five Star

Issue #68 Yay five Stars

Welcome to week one of the first horizon!  

Hopefully, the smoke has cleared from the rubber hitting the road, and you are charging forward like a drag racer single-mindedly surging toward the finish line…

By now, you have your horizon plan and know what you need to complete over the next 6 weeks, so the focus moves to getting results.  

If you are still struggling with your plan and need additional support, reach out to Carla to schedule a coaching call. 

For our accountability calls, we will use the 5-star meeting agenda built into your Asana horizon plan template. It looks like this:

Five Star Asana jpg

I’ve created a quick video on how to use the template and posted that in the community here.  

We have found that the structure is great for focusing the meeting, and it gives you a place to store issues as they come up during the week. 

Also, having it on the same sheet as everything else is super useful! (Thanks, Joe).

Post any questions in the discussion forum.

🖇️ What we are working on

We are revising the hats chart template and have a cool update planned for next week.

Here’s the thing about the hats chart: it is crucial for small businesses, not because you have to hire everybody on the hats chart, but rather because you have to do everything on the hats chart. Designing your hats chart is first about the functions in your business, and only secondarily does it have anything to do with people.  

(Wondering where the idea of the hats came from? Check out the De Bono Thinking Hats. This might also be useful for us to explore at some point.)

I digress. More on hats charts next week. 


One of our objectives this trimester is to dominate LinkedIn – we’ve been going through all the training and templates we can find. We’ll share some of our discoveries as we make them, so stay tuned. If you have a particular interest in LinkedIn or a great strategy to share, let Carla know, and we’ll put it in the mix.

🙋🏽 Our Next Q&A Is Coming Up on Friday, January 13 at 11 AM Eastern

Please let us know what business issues are perplexing you at the moment so that we can find some answers. Click here to register a question.

The meeting link (and reminders) will go out to clients in a separate email.  
(Our marketing Q&A will be on January 27).

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