Issue #67

Happy New Year!  

It was great planning with everyone in December:

We were happy with our first session and are thrilled with all the comments from you as well.

Thanks for the feedback; if you haven’t left any yet, you can do so here.  

(Jeff is already planning our session for April and is very excited about the new structure; he can barely contain himself.)

So, where are we?

Remember that Horizon 1 starts next week on January 9, so this week is a great time to review your plan.

Need a refresher on the Horizon structure? Well, lookee-here, we’ve got one.

Also, focus on your 365 and Horizon goals by using the OKR format.

And for those of you wondering what I mean by that, well, you are in luck. Click here for an OKR one-pager. 

Why OKRs? Because it is a useful tool to focus your efforts on outcomes rather than effort.  

Review the outcomes with your team, make sure everyone knows what they have to do, and get ready to hit the ground running (if you haven’t already…).

🎙 Agnostic, where MSPs go to die*

Jeff and Joe discuss the benefits of being specific when it comes to growing your business. And it’s also about being okay that your service isn’t for everyone; your business shouldn’t be agnostic.

*not the real title, but it really should be.

🙋🏽 Our Next Q&A Is Coming Up on Friday, January 13 at 11 AM

Please let us know what business issues are perplexing you at the moment so that we can find some answers. Click here to register a question.

The meeting link (and reminders) will go out to clients in a separate email.  

(Our marketing Q&A will be on January 27).

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