Issue #49 How to confidently sell anything

Have you ever heard the expression: they are so good at sales they could sell ice to Eskimos?  

It would be so much easier to sell ice, the theory goes, in the desert. Because they don’t have ice. 

But that is as wrong as a catdog.

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Selling ice to Eskimos is easy.

See, Eskimos know the value of ice and use it for different things, so they understand its usefulness.  

As a skier, I have the same bias – freeze some water, and I end up giddy as a 5-year-old staring at a pile of birthday presents.

We (the Eskimos and I) have many ways to talk about snow and ice. Say the right words about the ice covering your mountant (dry powder over packed base), and I’ll drop what I am doing and run to the airport to get there. 

So what about selling ice in the desert

Now I grew up with the cold stuff.

I love it.

My wife, well, she is more of a desert dweller. Her home city is the “City of Eternal Spring” because a cold day is when the temperature drops under 80.

In theory, the desert is hot, ice is cold, and they need ice. But that is backward.

If you lived in the desert, you’d learn to live without cold because you wouldn’t have it. So if some flashy salesperson came up to you in the middle of the Sahara with a shiny block of dripping ice, you’d dismiss them immediately.

Even Joe would struggle to sell ice to desert dwellers. 

My wife, when she hears about snow, packs her bags to run away from it. She has no interest in the stuff.  

This brings us to selling anything

I was once in a sales training that professed to teach how to sell anything to anybody. The wrongness of that approach is impossible to overstate.

Don’t waste your time convincing desert dwellers to buy ice. Sell it to Eskimos. They understand what you are selling, are interested in it, and want more. 

The way to sell anything is to sell it to the right person.

Define your avatar, know their pain, and show how your product solves their problem. Is your ice for drinking water storage or house building? Is it for sledding or playing?

Here is the rule:

if you have to convince people to buy, you are doing it wrong.

Prescribe a solution to a problem they have, and they will buy from you with excited glee. Your prospects should feel like five-year-olds staring at a pile of birthday presents.

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Wait, but what is a Catdog?

A catdog is a blend of cat and dog. There is no such thing as a catdog, but MSP owners love to try to sell to catdogs.

The catdog pitch goes like this: my product (service) works for everybody. I understand that I sell to avatars, but it is easier for me to blend them and create one message.

So rather than sell to a cat or a dog, I sell to a catdog. 

The problem: catdogs don’t exist. So nobody buys.   

Sell to one avatar.

Don’t waste your time selling to mythical creatures.

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