Issue #46 Lions and tigers and price oh my

Happy New Year! In China anyway.

This is the year of the Tiger, which, if Chinese astrology is to be believed, has some interesting implications…

Oh, and the pricing tool, don’t forget the pricing tool.

First, some updates:

🩲 Want to get the most out of the year of the Tiger? Apparently, the secret is red underwear, the more fabric, the better. Here are some options.

🏷 I’m giving away our pricing tool, use it to guide your thinking when you set your price. Find it here

The tiger used to be a lion.

The story goes that the lion occupied this space in the Zodiac in ancient times.

But the Zodiac lion was ferocious and wantonly destructive so that none of the other animals could find peace.

The tiger, in contrast, was studious, respectful, and brave rather than destructive. So the Jade Emperor sent the tiger to defeat the lion and his cadre of wild supporters. 

After defeating the lion and saving the world, the tiger became a symbol of prosperity.

2022 is the year of the water tiger (the water part only happens every 60 years) bodes well for the year due to the tiger’s auspicious characteristics: strength, exorcising evils (I mean, who doesn’t need to exorcise some evils), and bravery.

This is a great year for business, but only if you get your price right. 

(Yeah, I was wondering how I’d make the segue as well, not the smoothest…)

How to set your price

And that brings us clunkily to price.

Last week I talked about value and price. This conversation prompts many nods followed by a specific question: “great, so how do I set my price again?”  

Well, we’ve got you covered.

Our pricing tool guides you through calculating your cost and value, measuring your competitive position, assessing how you compare, and setting your price.

The tool is a guide and will help you define your price range and set your price today.

And I recommend coming back to it over time and using it to help you assess how you improve your value delivery.

Kind of like the tiger

The tiger defeated the lion through study, respect, and bravery. Managing your price requires all three of these:

  • Study your value, competition, and customers.
  • Respect your customer deliver high value for a reasonable price.
  • Be brave as you increase your price in line with your value (or choose not to compete more forcefully.

(nice, right?)

Access the pricing tool playbook here, free for the next couple of weeks.

How are those business New Year’s resolutions coming?

Yeah, we struggle with that too. The good news is that Thrivers is here to help! Yes, we have tools, templates, and answers to questions. But we also have accountability, and that is what people tell us they love the most. 

Now is your opportunity to restart the year.  Click here, to get started with Thrivers, for free, end ensure that you do not miss out on the year of the tiger.  

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What do you think of this week’s report?

Did you like our price setting tool? Do you plan on using it to bravely and strategically raise your prices so you can deliver a truly transformative solution for your clients? Let us know what other resources I can come up with so you and our community can benefit.


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