Issue #41 Keep This One Promise

It is the New Year! It is a time of unrealistic expectations and unkept promises.

Fitness classes will be packed this week, but don’t worry, there will be plenty of space next week.  

But growing your business machine requires commitment and effort, so how can we help you keep your business resolutions?

Well, we’ve got something great.  

First, some updates:

😵💫 Cold calling sucks. And it doesn’t work. So what is the alternative? Well, we’ve got some suggestions, read more.

💁🏽♀️Struggling to get information from clients? You can complain about them, but that won’t change anything. Alternatively, you can fix the problem, read more.

The one thing that will transform your business?


Maybe you are great at this.

But let’s be honest: you probably aren’t.

Follow-up is hard and takes time. But if you don’t follow up with people 5-8 times, you are missing as many as 36 sales for each one you make.  

In our experience, here is how it breaks down:

  • 1-3% of prospects are interested in buying now,
  • 7-12% will buy soon, and
  • 20-25% are in the buy someday category.

And you know follow-up matters.  You may even promise to follow up more often, but nobody keeps new year’s resolutions.

Let’s change that with the most successful email templates ever, tested and true campaigns that have generated millions in sales.

Copy them now, and automate forever.

What? Yes, no obligation, no sign-in, and nothing to buy.

Here they are:

  • Our “create an immediate connection” follow-up on a webinar, request form, or lead magnet, is here

Pop these into your bulk emailer/CRM, and your follow-up is automated, your business grows, and you can tell all your friends that you did keep a new year’s resolution.

Want some accountability to make your business work?

Thrivers tell us that accountability is the most important part of Thrivers.

Want to give it a try?  Click here. This link will take you to our application page to see if you are a good fit.

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Happy New Year from everyone at Start Grow Manage!


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