Issue #40 Above Average?

Are you an above-average driver?

Yeah, something like 90% of people think they are above average. But they aren’t.

Obviously. Because, well, math.

I’ll get to why you care in a second, but first some updates:

⏰ We had an amazing webinar about calendaring yesterday with Sofía. If you missed it but still want to learn how to make your life efficient and work more productively, then we have a course available for you, check it out.

🤨 Getting website traffic but no sales? Well, it’s the wrong traffic, but do not despair; just read this blog post.

💰 Or, wondering whether you should invest in paid ads or organic traffic?  Yep, we’ve got a blog post on that, too; read it here.

✅ Don’t forget the “What’s Happening in Small Business Survey.” Make sure your voice is heard (and maybe get your business in front of a bajillion (estimated) people.)

Now, why you care about confidence in driving:

It’s imposter syndrome.

Let me explain:

Joe and I have been thinking a lot about our marketing and sales beta course (because we want it to be mind-bogglingly above average). When we ask people what is holding them back, many of the responses boil down to imposter syndrome.

Generally, it is absurd.

The problem is that while most people overestimate their driving ability, they underestimate the value of their expertise.

This is called the Dunning-Kruger effect because they wrote a paper about it.

They found that a lack of knowledge and skills causes people to overestimate their competence. The same bias means that when you are good at something, you think it is simple for everyone else, so you undervalue your expertise.  

So, ironically the more you know, the more complicated things appear.

The relationship looks a little like this:

No alt text provided for this image

The sales process requires confidence, though. 

Consider the opposite: Elizabeth Holmes proved definitively that her company (Thernos) couldn’t deliver, yet raised hundreds of millions of dollars and sold the product nationally. (I guess she was stuck at “I know everything”)

She is likely going to jail, and I get that you don’t want to commit fraud, trick people into buying worthless products, and spend years in prison. (Definitely throws the work-life balance out of whack.)

But there is a middle ground: create a great product and develop confidence in its transformative impact.

You get sales, your prospects get results, and nobody has to go to prison. 

All good, right? 

So we will be talking about that a lot more going into 2022.

We are also launching our much-requested Irresistible Sales and Marketing Masterclass beta course on January 10 so that you can be as confident as Ms. Holmes while also being honest, delivering real value, and avoiding prison. Check out the sales page here

Joe and I would be happy to chat with you about the course if you’d like, just book some time here. We are limiting participation to 20 slots – so if you are interested, we should talk sooner rather than later.  

And for the record,

I really am an above-average driver.

Did you know that 90% of businesses survive?  

Wouldn’t you rather Thrive 🤔?

Click here to try Thrivers. This link will take you to our application page to see if you are the right fit (or contact Sofia,, if you need help).

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