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Something new we’ve discovered is the euphoria that exists in execution friction.

Or rather in solving execution friction, which begs the question:

What is execution friction?

This is when you need information from your client, and you can’t get it.

Consider a social media company: BigBuzz (fake name). They posted on social media for clients. But they relied on clients to give them the information.

Their clients are always delayed.   

So BigBuzz posted late. Or they posted the wrong things. And everybody was unhappy and annoyed.

(This is the short version).

The typical solution: define your scope more clearly or fire the client, both of which are good ideas, but they are the wrong solution and do not deliver euphoria.

Execution friction comes from not solving the client’s underlying problem. You do work, and you think you are solving the problem, and they think you are solving the problem, but you are merely doing work.

Worse, you create work for your client.   

This isn’t limited to social media: I’ve dealt with this in accounting, writing, and website creation as well: the client doesn’t respond, and the process grinds to a halt.

Almost nobody gets this right. So, if you sell a solution, the heavens open, angels sing, and your client feels euphoria.  

Seriously. (Okay, not seriously, but you know something like that).

Moreover, euphoric clients do not leave and are happy to pay more.

So what do you have to do to deliver euphoria?

Solve the real problem. Here’s how:

  1. Identify your avatar, which is super easy because it is your client.
  2. Get specific about the root problem. Why does friction keep appearing? What is going on? Not sure? Ask your client. This is the most straightforward market research you will ever do. Pick up the phone and ask: why is this hard for you?
  3. Develop a solution to the root problem. Innovate, design, and develop a way to do what you do to address their root problem.
  4. Test this with your client.
  5. Implement it across the board.

BigBuzz turned a weekly information-gathering grind into a monthly phone call that cut hours out of the process and delivered euphoria.

And I have seen this work for accountants, writers, web designers, and an iron ore company (long story). 

It will work for you. 

Read more here.

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Introducing hod-sod-u-sos-has

Every week we get more questions about creating niches and why it matters. The hod-sod-u-sos-has is a powerful model for understanding why you should build on your support rather than try to make your detractors happy.  

The short story is this: the people exposed to you or your product fall into five categories:

  • hard detractors
  • soft detractors
  • undecided
  • soft support
  • hard support

We spend most of our time fretting about the detractors, but most people are undecided.

The way to influence the undecided is through engaging and supporting your support. Your support influences the undecided, then the undecided has an outsized impact on detractors. 

To grow your business, focus on your support and build your tribe. Read more here.

Want your name in front of thousands of prospects?

Here is how: take three minutes to take this survey for a report we are doing together with KPMG Spark, and be sure to include an interesting long-form comment or question and your name.  

We will use the results to create a nifty report and new content, and we will pick a few companies to feature in The Report.

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