Issue #37 Can I talk to you about my mistake?

Do you know how once or twice I may have mentioned the importance of understanding your prospect and using their language in marketing?

It turns out I was right. Also, I was doing it wrong.  

I’m sharing the lesson I learned because you are probably doing it wrong too.

The mistake is that it is so easy to fall into marketing speak, sanitize what we say, and make it sound professional.  

But that isn’t how people buy. 

I was watching a video from copywriter Joanna Wiebe on understanding the voice of the customer. She showed this website as a demonstration:

credit: Joanna Wiebe from Copyhackers

And I admit that I have fallen into this trap. At first, I looked at this and thought: “that is pretty good; it talks about the customer, well done.”  

But you know what? It is boring, bland, and does NOT use words that people use to describe themselves.

Nobody says: I need something for my shape.

My bald head, maybe. My beer gut, perhaps, but my shape?

(And yeah, my wife has never complained about her “shape,” either. Other things sure, but not “shape.”)

Have you ever heard somebody say, “Hmm, I’d like clothes that are perfect for my shape and style.”

Of course, now, this is sanitized messaging. It is clear, safe, specific, and dead wrong.  

So what did Joanna do to improve it? She went to forums, read Amazon book reviews, and asked customers what words they used. This is what she came up with:

credit: Joanna Wiebe from Copyhackers

The old copy is on the left, and the new copy is on the right. The new is riskier. It stands out, and it speaks to the customer in their language.  

And the results?

According to Joanna, she got a 124% increase in people clicking that button.

So, lesson learned. 

Now, where do you get this language? Here are some suggestions:

  • Read amazon book reviews – reviews often have great content.
  • Try Facebook groups and Reddit forums.
  • Ask your target customer to talk about themselves and their needs, then capture their language. Don’t edit it; capture and use the words they use. Even if you (like me) detest the word “boobs” if that is the word your customer uses, use it.  

The MSP ownership immune system will fight you on this. The language may feel too edgy, not professional enough, and not “marketing” enough. That is when you know you have it right.

This has been great for me, and I hope it is for you too. I’d love for you to share some examples of what you have, respond here or put them in the Start Grow Manage newsfeed. 

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