Issue #22 You Callin’ Me Different?

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    You Callin’ Me Different?
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    How to set yourself apart
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    Issue #22 You Callin’ Me Different?  
    August 10, 2021

    We’re back!  Hopefully, you are taking some time off this summer.  It is amazing the creativity and energy that come from a little downtime.  If you haven’t taken any time for yourself yet, make a plan now… as crazy as it sounds summer is coming to an end.

    (What is that, a collective sigh of relief from parents?  The Back to School countdown is on!)

    Back to business

    Over the last couple of weeks, our Thrivers and Platinum clients have been working on identifying their Queen Bee Resource or QBR.

    The QBR is that one activity that your business can’t ever operate without.  Just like a hive of bees exists only to keep the queen bee alive, your QBR is the reason you exist.  

    Now going through this process is not easy.  It forces you to prioritize all of the stuff you do and leaves sacred cows strewn across the cutting room floor (or your home office, same thing).

    The process has caused a bit of panic with some explaining “but I have to do .”  

    So, I’d like to allay everyone’s fears: you don’t only do your QBR.  If bees don’t collect honey the queen dies. You must sell, you must develop content – all of that is true. The QBR is the reason WHY you do that.  It is the key activity that everything else must support.  
    And when you have extricated your QBR from the morass of things you do, there is another step: create an activity map.  

    Example Activity Map Focused on the QBR
    Do this for two reasons:

    1. It helps you identify all of the supporting actions your business must engage in (like selling or gathering pollen), and shows how they link back to the QBR.

    2. It is a key part of your strategy: your collection of activities, how you do what you do, is a differentiating factor.  It is a part of building that moat that we talked about a couple of weeks ago and creating something that stands out to your prospects.  

    The activity map is at the end of the QBR training so don’t forget to go through it.  

    As painful as the deep activity cuts can be, the activity map salve reassures you that your sacred cows still matter.  

    Well, maybe not all of them, but that is another story.  


    Wait, what, you don’t have access to the QBR training?  
    If you are a Thrivers or Platinum client, you already have access to the QBR training, which you can find here.  

    If you aren’t a Thrivers or Platinum client, well, that makes us very sad.  BUT, we have an option for you: subscribe to the Start Grow Manage Insiders to access our growing list of templates, tools, and training.  

    If you sign up now, you can lock in the low price of $19.99 a month.  This is less than going to the movies.  

    And it offers a much better return on investment.  

    Are you sick and tired of boring introductions at networking meetings and elevator rides that suck?

    Well, so is everybody else.  So, let’s fix that.  

    Check out our 30-second pitch webinar in two weeks, August 24th at 1 PM.  We will show you how to put together a 30-second pitch that is great for networking, elevator pitches, and, well, any time you want to talk about what you do in a way that engages rather than bores.  

    Register here.

    And if you missed today’s webinar on meetings, fear not – you can still catch the recording here.

    From Around the Web

    I have been gathering links and ideas from around the web that I’ve decided I’ll start sharing in this section which I have oh-so-cleverly titled: around the web.  This is just random stuff that I find amusing; hopefully, you do as well:

    Hey, bears are people too, you know: check out this video of a bear casually strolling through a grocery store in Southern California.  

    Tech Tip Did you know that Gmail has a 5-second delay so that if you instantly regret sending an email, you can unsend it?  For you hotheaded typists out there, you can even increase that delay; here is how.  

    On this day in 1793, the Louvre Palace became the Louvre museum and it must have been shortly after when someone else invented the skip the line ticket to avoid all of the bourgeois art gawkers.

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