Issue 1 Fixing 80 Turnover

Issue #1 Fixing 80% Turnover

 Have you ever wondered where all the good people are or why it is so hard to hire staff? 
We had a client, an accountant, who had 80% turnover.  Not just in one year, this happened to his business year after year.  

Turnover like this is like an anchor stuck deep in the mud tied to you with a steel chain that holds your business tight until it falls apart and sinks. 

And the reason?   

It isn’t that there is nobody to hire. 

It  isn’t that they don’t want to work for you. 

At that same company, we added 8 people in a year and lost one out of the total of 18, for a normal 5.5% turnover.  The next year they didn’t lose anybody. 


Before we started, they were hiring for capability: could you close the books, file a tax return, or work a 10-key calculator.  The people they hired could DO the work but didn’t work well in the company.   

This was a group of people who liked working long hours,  didn’t talk much to one another, and focused on every detail.  And that is a special type of environment.  When they started hiring people who fit, the business took off.   

Not only did people stop leaving, but the right people also wanted to work there. The work improved, the quality improved, and the business began to work like a machine. 

What are your core values?  Have you defined them?   
Read more about Core Values Here 

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  • 📝 Check out Mike Michalowicz’s Immutable Laws, this is a similar concept to core values, but Mike has some great language and descriptions that put a different spin on the concept.  

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Data is all around us. Ever wonder what you can do with it?   

  • 📻 OpenHub has a number of great workshops covering a wide range of IT topics, with great leaders and speakers. Check out their upcoming events to see if there’s anything that you can implement within your business.

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