The MSP Launch Formula: Leverage Your Tech Expertise to build an amazing business.

You've got the tech skills; now gain the business advantage.

What you'll discover

  • The formula for growing a scalable MSP that doesn't suck the life out of you with 2 AM helpdesk calls.
  • Why price isn't actually an issue and how to charge higher prices than you ever thought possible.
  • How to supercharge your growth by focusing your offering, like the most successful MSPs.
  • What it really takes to build a team that delivers results your customers will love and continue to pay for.
  • Why the break-fix model is broken, why that's a good thing, and how you can generate reliable monthly recurring revenue.
  • How to get started with sales and marketing without spending thousands of dollars.
  • The sales formula that makes sales easy even if you hate selling.
  • The best way to get the branding basics (story, logo, colors, logo), done quickly without learning design or spending a fortune.
  • Why most MSP founders work 100-hour weeks and can't take a vacation, and how you avoid that fate to spend as much time as you want in Tahiti.

Your Guides

I’m Joe Rojas. After learning technology in the Army and the Department of Defence, he had the brilliant idea of starting his own MSP. That was a disaster – he hit a rock bottom moment, where he thought all was lost. And then he figured it out, got out of debt, made a profit, and sold his first MSP. Then he built and sold 2 more and has since helped dozens of MSPs get to their first $million. 

The crucial lesson he learned was to treat his MSP like a business, get smart about results, and implement established business processes rather than reinvent the wheel. That's the key.

Jeff Loehr is the business guy. He’s got an MBA, big corporate experience, and knows a thing or two about business; he's the guy who knows those established business processes. He's been applying them to scale companies and manage competitive markets for more than two decades. He's also an angel investor, supporting early-stage startups. When it comes to business and growing companies, he knows what works.

Jeff’s makes tried and true professional models and strategies easy to understand and apply to your business. (So you avoid a rock bottom moment and thrive.)

Heather Mathis is a coach and finance expert. With years of corporate experience, and she also has a shiny MBA (Heather and Jeff sometimes compare their gleam). She knows how to manage teams and get stuff done. She used to manage dozens of people and complex supply chains; she ditched all that to start her own business and advise others.

Heather is the tenacious coach you want in your corner. Not only does she know what she’s talking about, she will make sure you get it, implement it, and get results. (She also has no patience for BS, so she keeps Joe and Jeff in line…).

Without you guys, I'd still be pacing my basement trying to figure out where to get started, not buying a new house!

Samantha Jacobsen

Transform your tech expertise into a thriving business

You're smart, you know tech, and you know you
can run a better MSP than the yokels your last company hired.

The MSP market is red hot, the opportunities are seemingly infinite, and your tech skills are in high demand.

But being a tech wizard isn't enough; running a business, marketing, sending emails, proposals, and agreements – it's a whole new set of protocols.

Without the right guidance, you risk investing all your time and effort into starting your MSP only to end up with a harder job that demands more hours for less pay, working for the toughest boss (yourself).

Don't have a rock bottom moment– get the business tools that enable your tech genius from the start.

And while we've all been through the entrepreneurial wringer, Joe went through the precise MSP building process from disaster to outrageous success.

Years after grinding away at that first MSP, he hit rock bottom at 2 AM one Saturday morning.

He was exhausted, holding his head in his hands, crying over a pile of bills at his kitchen table. He had blown way past the point of no return. He was broke, in debt, and pretty sure he’d ruined his life.

And his family's life.

The key to Joe's success was realizing he was great at technical things but had no idea how to grow his business. So he started down a long, hard road to learn the business side of things – painfully, slowly, with more sleepless nights than he wants to remember, turned his business around. 

He paid his bills and sold that business. Then he started and sold two more.

We know what it's like to start a business on your own, and we don't want you ever to face a rock bottom moment, and you don't have to. We've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in learning how to run businesses, and now we share it all with you.

You are great at what you do; your talents are needed; you should have an MSP that allows you to take a vacation, spend time with the family, sleep well, and turn your phone off without worry.  

What Joe did differently was to treat his MSP like a business, get smart about business results, and implement business processes. That's the key.

Everybody struggles with it because starting a business is a new skill. You either fail, grind away endlessly, or get help.
That's why we created:

The MSP Launch Formula, Get Set Up the Right Way from the Begining

This twelve-week course is designed to jumpstart your MSP by giving you the tools and know-how you need to create a wildly successful MSP.

What we cover:

  • Discover what an MSP is and isn't.
  • See how MSPs make money predictably and reliably.
  • Unlock trusted partner potential so that you are the expert.
  • Develop your strategy and unassailable competitive advantage.
  • Find your repeatable model
  • Discover the secret to delivering better results with less effort.
  • Learn why new hires don't work and what to do to avoid new hire issues.
  • Uncover the secret to building and managing a cohesive team that does the right work at the right time.
  • Avoid overspending on useless software.
  • Get what you need to be a reliable, top-tier MSP.
  • Identify the key elements to your infrastructure and how you work.
  • Discover why so many new companies get stuck on branding and websites.
  • Get our branding and website in a box: laid out, structured, and ready to go so that you can build it or have someone else do it without breaking the bank.
  • Learn the risk of not having written contracts.
  • Identify the contracts and written agreements you need for you and your business.
  • Discover how to manage client expectations, keep them happy, and protect yourself with simple agreements.
  • Get templates.
  • Learn how to automate the process.
  • Why a business entity matters and what options exist.
  • How to form your entity.
  • Get the tools to delegate and manage effectively.
  • Understand why people don't do the right work and how to get them to focus.
  • Avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars on MSP marketing vultures.
  • Identify what you need to do now to grow your business without burning cash.
  • Implement, with templates, our 250×250 and Dream 100 strategies that get clients every time.
  • Learn the sales conversation that makes sales a breeze, even if you never thought you'd like it.
  • How to (not) track your finances effectively.
  • Why financial reports matter and how to read them.
  • Get help without breaking the bank.
  • Know how much money you are making for yourself and your family.

So what's the investment?

  • 10 modules, with templates, tools, and fill-in-the-blank guides: a $1997 value
  • Eight in-person group coaching sessions worth $3,000
  • Three Months Insiders Access: $291
  • A 1-1 Strategy session and feedback worth $497
  • We answer all questions for three months, $1,297
  • And since this is a new program, we will develop new content to answer your questions on the fly… this is a program tailored to your needs!

All for $2,497
An introductory price of

Got Questions? Here are some answers:

I’m not sure I have time for this: 

With just 3-4 hours a week, you can create the opportunity to scale your business, become a trusted partner, and take control of your life. And if you don't invest this time now you will need to invest significantly more time later.

My situation is different.

We teach you the process to unlock your uniqueness. Everybody's situation is unique, every business is unique, and your service is unique, but the process for building a successful business is the same for everyone.

Can you really help me? 

We have helped dozens of MSPs rocket past their first million dollars and grow to multi-million dollar companies. Joe has built and sold multiple MSPs, and collectively, our team has decades of business-building experience and millions of dollars in training. So yeah. We can help. 

How long will I have access to the content?

You will have access for as long as the content exists, which may be forever. But at some point, even the internet will stop working – we plan to be around until then, but we can’t make guarantees. The point is we won’t take your access away.

What if I can’t attend the live sessions?

They will be recorded, and you can watch them at any time. If you have a question you can’t answer, ask, and we’ll answer.

Wait, I can reach out and get answers any time? What’s the limit? 

We’ll answer questions for the 12 weeks you're in the course. How many questions? Well, we like to say it is unlimited, but we had this guy once ask so many questions we couldn’t get any other work done. So that was too much, and we discovered a limit somewhere; we don’t know what it is. It won’t be a problem for you; if you are reaching a limit, we’ll let you know. 

And you get our Coffee Klatch Guarantee.

It's simple: if after the first session, you aren't 100% convinced this will help you build a better MSP and make back many times what you paid, we'll refund your money plus $15 to buy you and your friend coffee.

The MSP market is growing; there has never been more opportunity. But most MSPs struggle; they are buried in work, stuck in the sales-delivery spin cycle, and crushed by competition because the market has changed. There is a better way. You can stop competing, sell with ease, and create the business of your dreams. We'll show you the secret and give you the tools. 

We look forward to seeing you in The MSP Launch Formula.

The Start Grow Manage team