Ready to Make a Commitment?

Why do we do this?

According to Rober Cialdini, if you make a written, public commitment, you are 700% more likely to do the thing you commit to.

So to help us all, this page is a commitment page; make a commitment with the option to make it public and get a reminder.

This page shows the public commitments made in the last thirty days.

Do you want to make this public?

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Building a dream 100


I commit to getting to 190LB by December. I am at 199 now.


I commit to making 10 sales calls…


Franchise men’s group

 Coach Keeg

Franchise men’s group

 Coach Keeg

Work on my SOPs


Getting the new landing page done.


I commit to focusing on my sales pipeline. Thanks Joe!


I’m going to choose a vendor and start building a portal so that Joe can bundle what I’m doing into what he’s doing.


Developing a network of 10 referral partners for the CHAMP Plan by the end of 2023.

 Robert Brett Curtiss

Launching a podcast focusing on the nuances of building authentic relationships in business networking.


To making very intentional connections for my power partners. To consistently deliver value on an ongoing basis for my clients.

 Lisa Munjack of Munjack Marketing

Becoming a published author.


Connecting with more awesome people like Joe Rojas


I will start my book!


I’ll do my homework 😉


I’ll define my unassailable competitive advantage and raise my prices (I want $450 a seat!!!)




I’ll go on vacation and turn off my phone.


Yes, Joe I will finally create my avatar. I promise.


I commit to cleaning my office, having one on ones with my team, and creating my sales script.