All Marketing Is Human to Human

One of the challenges that keeps surfacing in business to business marketing is how to define a target customer.  What if you are selling to a company rather than an individual – how do you specify a target?  What is your business to business target market?

To define your business to business target market start by recognizing that you are not marketing to businesses. Companies don’t buy anything, people buy. So, your product or services solves a problem for somebody. Know what that problem is and market to that person. This thinking can be a shift for most people, but it is a powerful way to market your business and define your marketing target. 

First, know that never in the history of the world has a business bought anything. 

The other day I was standing in front of a group of business owners and marketing managers helping them to define their target customer – their EngageStory character – and I had this simple epiphany. 

I asked one woman who her target market was; she replied: “small businesses.” 

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